Token of Appreciation

A BIG THANK YOU to our brothers and sisters who have been faithfully and selflessly serving in our English Congregation!
With our 5th anniversary and a new poster for promoting the English Ministry, we have prepared a T-shirt for all volunteers. If you are part of our volunteer team, please proceed to 7F after the service to pick up your T-shirt.

Welcome Back to In-Person Services

Hong Kong Baptist Church English Worship

We are looking forward to see you all in person in our Worship Service starting this Easter weekend! After not seeing each other for a long period of time, we are thankful we can gather again. We do have to get used to a new situation with adjustments from our previous practice. The seats will be more spaced out, we will not pass the collection bags and we will not serve any refreshments. Please be patient and gracious if we miss any precautions and give us insights of how we can do things better! We are all learning to be church in a distanced but still redeemed world of God!

In order to act responsibly under the current circumstances we ask your attention for the following:

  • If you have any symptoms of the flu, are currently waiting for the test result of a COVID-19 test, have a weak health, have travelled abroad in the last 14 days or do not feel comfortable to come to the worship service, please remain at home. Our Service will still be on live-stream!
  • Please wear a mask at all time being inside the church building
  • Remain at a distance of at least 1 metre from other persons
  • Please come in time, preferable 10-15 minutes earlier, because we need to take some extra measures: we need you to provide us your name and phone number, we need to take your body temperature and we will also provide alcohol based handrub at the entrance and guide you to your seats. We will only have 30 seats in our sanctuary. If we have more than 30 people, we have other rooms to watch the livestream.
  • Bring your own Bible, we will not provide any for you to use

Besides these points, we trust you to remain vigilant for your own personal hygiene.

Course “God loves you but what is Love?”

Update: For those who are enrolled in the course, the first meeting is Saturday 10 April at 4:00. We are very glad we are able to meet in person. Please join us in Chapel in HoG.

Exclusive for English Congregation of Hong Kong Baptist Church

Course date: 27 March – 22 May 2021
Discussion & Sharing Sessions: Saturdays 10 & 24 April and 8 & 22 May 2021, 4:00-5:00 pm

What does “God loves you” really mean?

We have all heard countless times that God loves us. But our familiarity with this biblical truth often nurtures the dangerous idea that we already know everything there is to know about the love of God, and yet, many of us struggle to experience His love in our daily lives. In this 8-lesson course, we will return to the Bible and look at the evidence of God’s love for us. It will be a journey of learning and reflection, as we deepen our understanding of God’s love, and its implication on our personal walk with Him.

During this 8-week, you will:

  • Read an entry every week (new material is available every Saturday, expect to spend 30-45 minutes reading per week).
  • Spend some time in prayer and reflection, and write down your responses to the reflection questions.
  • Join us on Saturdays 10 & 24 April and 8 & 22 May at 4-5pm for Discussion and Sharing sessions. During each session the readings and reflections over 2 weeks will be discussed. So we have 8 readings and 4 meetings. If physical meeting is still not allowed, we will meet on Zoom. Let’s learn and journey together.

In order to participate you NEED TO SIGN UP, before Friday 26 March, 3:00 pm:  

Sharing Your Moments

Because of the COVID-19, many of us need to stay home. Thanks to the great work done by our technical team, we are able to worship online every Sunday until the situation is settled. While this is sound and safe, we miss our connections.

In view of this, please share with us your recent situation by including a photo or video (file size not bigger than 10M) about yourself. Subject to your consent, we will share these information at the end of each online service.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! In order for us to process the data before the Sunday worship, please send your sharing no later than Friday 10:00 pm. Please click here to leave your sharing.

HKBC English Ministry